June 14, 2024


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Work in Progress Wednesday | Drawing with Graphitint

Work in Progress Wednesday | Drawing with Graphitint


Graphitint pencils are tinted h2o-soluble graphite pencils built by Derwent. I’m using them this 7 days to hard my imagining about colour and procedure.

Experimenting with new supplies is a fantastic way to reveal unexplored choices in your do the job. I’ve labored with Graphitint ahead of, and obtain the total thought of drinking water-soluble drawing supplies thrilling. It is been a problem for me to embrace them totally, even so, mainly because I have developed a frame of mind and way of functioning with regular resources that I can rely on and produce rather predictable benefits. What you are going to see in this post is a step in a journey to improved realize these exceptional pencils and new options with colour.

Graphitint WIP
Reference Impression
Graphitint WIP_1
Initial line-get the job done and clean

Initial Wash

What I did: I frivolously indicated the outline of the primary designs, then applying “Ocean Blue #07,” I lightly layered the sky, distant hills, trees, and shadow styles. With a #10 brush loaded with h2o, I washed the location and let it dry.

What I’d Do In a different way: See the uneven regions in the sky? This is simply because my brush was also little and I was not in a position to produce an even clean to the whole sky location in just one pass. On the next attempt, I’d use a more substantial #14 watercolor brush, which would hold extra drinking water and allow for me to get the job done the place in one particular attempt.

Graphitint WIP_2
Mid-Tone wash


What I did: I employed “Green Gray #09” for the distant hills, “Ivy #11” to block the mid-tones for the trees, and “Chestnut #13” for the pink shadow parts. The #10 Sable Brush worked very well to create an first clean and develop light-weight textural brushwork. Immediately after the preliminary wash dried, I applied a different layer of dried pencil to create a dried textured effect on the rough tooth of the paper.

What I’d Do In a different way: The color in the distant hills is not producing the impact I would have preferred. In an additional try, I would have designed a much better original layer of “Sky Blue #07.” This would have created much more atmospheric distance. In the shadow places of the developing, I should really have applied “Cool Brown #13.”

Graphitint WIP _3
Closing study layered with dry Graphitint

Ultimate Research

What I did: I utilized a clean of “Sage #12” on the ground and chapel to ad heat. Element, texture, and shadow was additional employing hatching with a dry “Shadow #05” pencil.

What I’d Do Differently: The reddish shadow locations are also sturdy, so I would have begun with a stronger layer of “Sage #12” and a lighter layer of “Chestnut #13” to suggest the shadows.

What Was Uncovered

Graphitint on watercolor paper is a compelling pairing. The resulting image has a powerful light quality and texture, but I need to have to greater fully grasp the colors and how to layer them effectively. I appreciate developing layers of hatch marks and aspects on top rated of the coloured washes and seem ahead to operating more with these supplies!