June 14, 2024


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Will Having Dental Implants Affect My Speech?

Does dental implantation affect speech quality? While they may seem far removed from the oral function, there’s a chance that implants have an impact on speech, at least in some cases. The reason is that when you look into the mouth and view the structure of teeth, it becomes clear that tooth-supported bridges, dentures, and appliances can all move around. But dental implants are permanently fixed in place, like tooth-supported bridges and dentures.

Restore Your Speech and Enunciation to Near-Perfect Condition

The good news is that with today’s technology, speech problems can be corrected without having to go through surgery. Thanks to computer-aided design, oral surgeons can create dental implants that look similar to the natural teeth that you have. With the right dental prosthetics, you can restore your speech and enunciation to near-perfect conditions. The idea is to make your speech center around your teeth, rather than your cheeks, and so getting a dental implant in dental implants Baton Rouge LA that looks like your natural tooth can solve speech problems for good.

Affects Speech Quality

So how does a dental implant affect speech quality if it’s not anchored to the gums? First, it’s essential to understand that with a dental implant, your jaw doesn’t need to experience any significant modifications. The jaw does not have to shift to open up space for the implant, nor does it have to shorten to fill out space. This means that even if a dental implant causes speech problems, your speech will come back to normal as quickly as it started. The implants are essentially “built-in” to the jaw and bone, and because they’re so dense, they don’t cause significant movement or pain in your jaw. That means that speech doesn’t have to be affected, and you can resume your normal activities with a smile.

Speech Problems Can Be Recovered Faster With Resin Implants

Teeth are critical for so many sounds our mouths make when speaking. Even losing just one tooth can impact your speech. Even if your dental implants do affect your speech somehow, you might be wondering whether it’s worth the sacrifice of not chewing food properly. After all, if you can’t properly chew your food, then you can not properly speak with those bites coming at you. While some speech problems might crop up as a result of a dental implant, there are ways to help camouflage the effects of a dental implant, and many speech problems can be recovered faster with resin implants than they would be with traditional metal dental implants.

Consult With Your Dentist

“Do dental implants have an effect on speech?” Your dentist is the best person to ask. They can provide you with a straightforward response to this question. While there are no studies yet that have been done specifically on this topic, most dentists agree that they don’t deal with the speech area directly but rather indirectly. The speech itself isn’t affected, but teeth moving or underlying structures need to be looked at. If you have one of these oral conditions, it might be worthwhile to consider dental implant surgery as an option to solve the problem.