October 3, 2023


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When does child maintenance end or stop?

When does child maintenance end or stop?

when does child maintenance end after 18

When does youngster advantage conclude? When do upkeep payments end? Do college students however obtain upkeep?

You’d believe this would be a straightforward problem. But there is not a uncomplicated remedy on the British isles govt web page or the CMS site and I have spent months trying to obtain facts that’s reliable and crystal clear.

Perfectly, pals, I’ve used an hour on keep waiting around to talk to the Baby Maintenance Support this morning. At last, I have a definitive answer about when little one maintenance finishes and when/how payments cease. With any luck , this will you help save that time!  And perhaps make your co-parenting just a little bit much less tense!

Do you get upkeep if a youngster leaves school?

So your little one is turning 16 and you are wondering if routine maintenance payments halt when they are 16th… well, maybe.

If a little one leaves college at 16 and goes into work or an apprenticeship that consists of A lot less than 12 hrs a week of supervised training/training (on ordinary) then maintenance payments will quit the thirty day period that they start this teaching or employment, OR on their 16th birthday (whichever is later)

Supplying your kid is however carrying out 12 several hours of extra of supervised review or course function just about every 7 days then they are nevertheless entitled to routine maintenance.

Do you get upkeep if young children are at college?

Most younger individuals never leave college at 16, and will continue on with some sort of non-sophisticated schooling this kind of as A-Levels, T-Degrees, BTECs or apprenticeships exactly where youthful people today show up at higher education for a couple of times just about every 7 days. In this circumstance, the youngster is entitled to maintenance through their study course.

There are a few doable details wherever upkeep paid to pupils comes to an conclude:

  • The kid finishes their non-superior program and moves on to university or bigger training. Servicing payments prevent the month that your child finishes their course or leaves college.
  • The youngster finishes their system and moves into employment. Once again, maintenance payments will finish the thirty day period that the youngster finishes their program.
  • The youngster might retake exams or sit added non-sophisticated tests or switch programs. In this scenario, servicing finishes only when the boy or girl leaves non-sophisticated education and learning OR on their 20th birthday (whichever is faster).


How does routine maintenance halt?

Do you get maintenance by the CMS, or does your co-mother or father fork out you immediately working with CMS calculations?

If so then you really don’t require to do nearly anything about telling the CMS about your child’s instances. As children convert 18, the Little one Profit agency will get in touch with you to ensure if your youngster is leaving non-advanced education. If they are, then the Baby Reward company tells the CMS and the CMS will terminate the scenario for that little one, and any potential payments.

You really don’t need to have to get in touch with CMS or do anything your self. If you would like to then you can log onto CMS and tell them of a kid leaving education and learning at one more position in time. In the broad majority of cases, this is not essential.

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Should really Moms and dads Pay Upkeep Earlier 18?

Actually, I assume there is one thing terrible about (typically) gentlemen counting down the days till they are “free” of the burden of routine maintenance. There are online discussion boards full of gentlemen arguing that they do not require to be shelling out servicing for the reason that their ex moved in with another person else, or their baby has a weekend position, or some other “reason”.

I’d just say this: raising youngsters doesn’t magically charge zero for the reason that they are 16 or 18 and if you’re any sort of a guy and a father then you will proceed your boy or girl for as very long as they have to have that support. And if they’re living with your ex, then it helps make perception to immediate that help to their guardian.

Individually, I consider for loads of gentlemen, maintenance will become tied up with resentment of an ex. There’s a temptation to imagine your ex is someway “fleecing” you of money, that they really don’t expend on the little one. I don’t forget at the time, in the early times, my daughter’s Dad querying that I utilized the maintenance to pay out payments, relatively than acquiring items for his daughter.

I’ll say it yet again for individuals who are new to this notion. Servicing is there to assist your child’s full lifestyle. Yes they want outfits and toys. But they also require a area to reside, and lights that operate, and sizzling drinking water and food stuff. Just about every time they need to go to a college engage in or a sporting activities club, they are being pushed there, or having the bus with your ex.

If your ex takes advantage of servicing to get her nails performed that is simply because she’s already applied her funds to pay out for the things your little one requirements. If you are contributing to the home and your little one has all the points they will need to be risk-free and warm and healthier, then you have no bring about for complaint, in my guide.

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Agreeing Routine maintenance Write-up-18

When your baby goes off to uni, my view is that the two moms and dads really should continue to support that baby. A most university student bank loan for residing fees is close to £9,000 a yr outdoors London. That is just about sufficient to address student accommodation for a calendar year at some universities. Your child will even now need to have to pay for textbooks and foodstuff and bus passes and probably bills such as Tv license and utilities. 

In our family we have agreed that Flea’s Dad will go on to pay out routine maintenance for as very long as she is at university. In the course of the term-time, routine maintenance will be paid to Flea. Not specifically, we are not idiots. But maintenance will be paid out toward lodging. For the duration of the holiday months, servicing will be paid out to me. This will go in the direction of expenses of her currently being at dwelling, of class. But also it will support pay back for kit she may well want for college, like new bedding or apparel, textbooks etc.


I hope this swift information to routine maintenance is valuable if you have a teenager who is approaching an age of leaving college. The good information is there’s incredibly very little for you to do, and the course of action ought to just perform alone out. But if not, then you do know when maintenance payments should really prevent, and you can make preparations by yourself if essential.