December 4, 2023


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What’s Next for the House


David Williams for The Wall Road Journal Edmon de Haro (picture illustration)

Clean up Air: The Next Luxurious Apartment Perk

Technological innovation that seamlessly fixes air excellent will turn into common in homes by 2030, real-estate developers say. Will homebuyers treatment at the time the pandemic subsides?


Kevin Hand

The Home of Tomorrow

Tour what is upcoming for house structure, from a fridge that knows what groceries to purchase to a storage device that descends from the ceiling.


Younes Klouche for The Wall Street Journal

Covid-19 Ushers in a New Era of Complete-Time Vacation

Common remote work is poised to remake the ‘digital nomad’—less backpacker in hostels, extra center-aged worker with a world wide lodge membership.


Evan Jenkins for The Wall Road Journal

How to Create a Residence on the Moon

A little-scale reproduction of a lunar habitat is getting form at Purdue College. The purpose is to put together for existence in a hostile environment—including our personal.


Nate Palmer for The Wall Avenue Journal

How to Make the Housing Industry Additional Equitable

Homes in Black neighborhoods are underpriced by about $156 billion, according to Andre M. Perry of the Brookings Establishment. He has thoughts on how to alter that amount.



Drones Are Poised to Reshape Property Structure

Landing pads, unique mailboxes and extra: A long term in which delivery drones excitement by way of neighborhoods could prompt architects and builders to rethink.



Climate-Proofing Households for Severe Temperature Forward

Floods, fires and storms are projected to get worse. 6 authorities get innovative about how to secure the sites we connect with household.

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