September 27, 2023


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The Mobius Strip And Knowledge Sharing • Derek Cheshire

The Mobius Strip And Knowledge Sharing • Derek Cheshire

mobius strip

A substantial thank you to Dr Mobius.

For people not common with this strip it is technically a 1 dimensional floor (a mathematical build) not a 2 D item. To make your have simply get a strip of paper, place a 50 % twist into it, and then tape or glue the finishes together.

Trace around a single edge and you will uncover your finger moves from within to outside. The very same factor happens when you adhere to a floor. This is why a lot of conveyor belts have a 50 percent twist in them, it assures that don is even on equally sides.

There are lots of interesting matters about the Mobius strip but in this article is just one that is definitely cool. Draw a line down the middle of the surface and then slash together it. You will come across that you continue to have a strip but you have released an more 2 50 % twists so there are now 3. The strip as a result retains all of its original homes.

So what? The strip is a great metaphor for the dissemination of understanding. The more you spread it all-around you locate that it does not drop its value and you, the source, might even enhance yours.

Retain it to your self and the understanding has no benefit despite the fact that you could increase your moi.

Feel about it, sharing is great, and really don’t forget to glance up all the cool points you can do with a Mobius strip.

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