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Regulation & Behavior • Science of Parenting • Iowa State University Extension and Outreach

Regulation & Behavior • Science of Parenting • Iowa State University Extension and Outreach

Lies, and tantrums, and lousy attitudes, oh my! When young ones have hard behaviors, it might be that they have to have aid understanding to regulate! Supporting our small children find out to handle and regulate them selves is a significant undertaking for dad and mom. These episodes clarify the strategy of self-regulation, examine contributing variables, and hone in on approaches to aid you alongside the way.

In the ninth year of the podcast, our cohosts, Lori and Mackenzie, take a look at exploration and actuality on encouraging small children regulate their emotions, ideas, and behaviors. On this web page, you will uncover an outline of the season’s material and a transient description of just about every episode.

S9: Ep. 1 – What is Self-Regulation?
In this time opener, the cohosts dive into the topic of regulation and three various varieties of it. In addition, they examine a vital tactic for aiding our young children regulate by themselves.

S9: Ep. 2 – I’m The Adult Below: My Regulation
In this week’s episode, we take a look at and reflect on our parenting function when it arrives to regulation, self-handle, and huge inner thoughts. We also glance at a prevalent wellness technique used specially to parenting!

S9: Ep. 3 – Regulation in Levels
Does regulation glance the identical for kids of different ages? What particularly are little ones “regulating” toward? Mother and father of toddlers intervene HOW Frequently to handle habits? Get all these solutions in this week’s episode!

S9: Ep. 4 – Tuning In With Temperament
Why does 1 of my kids gravitate towards tranquility whilst a further gravitates towards tantrums? Simply because temperament. This week, the cohosts look at temperament features, their impact on kids’ regulation tendencies, and useful strategies to support youngsters with any trait.

S9: Ep. 5 – Setting up the Surroundings
Do you wish your house was far more tranquil? Us as well. This 7 days, you may well be shocked by some of the approaches for creating a house setting that encourages kids and older people to follow self-regulation. 

S9: Ep. 6 – Interactions and Regulation
Have you listened to of attachment idea? This week we will investigate what it is (and what it is not) and the function that our mum or dad-kid relationship has in regulation.

S9: Ep. 7 – All About Regulation
In the time finale, the cohosts give the operate-down on important principles and light bulb times from the episodes on regulation. Furthermore, adhere around right until the stop to hear a massive checklist of parenting strategies to add to your toolbox!

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Parent to a small one particular with her possess quirks. Celebrator of the thought of raising children “from scratch”. Learner and lover of the guardian-little one romantic relationship. Translator of analysis with a dose of fact. Certified Family members Life Educator.

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