December 9, 2023


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Recycled Paper | Pre vs. Post Consumer Fibers

Recycled Paper | Pre vs. Post Consumer Fibers

We just lately shared a powering-the-scenes video of paper staying trimmed on our guillotine equipment, which lifted lots of great queries about paper-earning and procedures, together with: what happens to the scraps that are trimmed off?

When we have several quillers and weavers itching to get their palms on those correctly trimmed pieces, we recycle them! These are the sorts of pre-buyer fibers that get utilized to make the pulp for recycled papers. So that raises another concern:

What is the distinction amongst pre-customer fibers and write-up-consumer fibers that get applied for building recycled papers?

Pre-Customer Recycled Fiber:
Material that has not been made use of by an finish-purchaser and is generated throughout a production course of action (like the movie higher than). A lot more examples of pre-purchaser fiber are paper scraps created from trimming at an envelope maker or a paper plate manufacturing unit.

Write-up-Buyer Recycled Fiber:
Materials that has been applied by an stop-buyer, typically created by homes or by commercial, industrial and institutional facilities. For illustration, residence recycling of paper products and solutions and firms that recycle their office environment papers.

How is recycled fantastic artwork paper made from pre or write-up-consumer fibers?

Regardless of how the scraps have been generated, they are despatched again to a papermill to be re-labored and produced into recycled fantastic art papers. The scraps get beaten right until they crack down into tiny particles, and the fibers are diluted with drinking water and other additives like sizing to make pulp.

Pulp in the headbox

From there, the papermaking process carries on on the Fourdrinier Equipment. Click right here to study far more about how paper is created.

Any article-buyer fibers that get applied for producing our recycled fantastic art papers are rated Grade A for cleanliness to ensure paper general performance and overall look are not compromised. Any Strathmore pads with inexperienced handles implies the paper is recycled. Beneath is a listing of our recycled papers and the quantity of pre and/or put up-consumer fiber they include.

400 Series Toned Sketch

Recycled Substance Articles:
100% Recycled
30% Post-Buyer Fiber

Recycled Substance Articles:
100% Recycled
30% Article-Customer Fiber

Recycled Content Articles:
30% Put up-Shopper Fiber

Recycled Content Content material:
30% Publish-Purchaser Fiber

Recycled Product Information:
30% Publish-Shopper Fiber

Recycled Content Content material:
30% Publish-Buyer Fiber

Recycled Materials Written content:
75% put up-customer fiber
25% tree-helpful hemp fiber