September 26, 2023


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Nivea Men 2 Phase Aftershave Lotion – Is It Any Good? My Thoughts

Michael 84

Nivea Men 2 Phase Aftershave Lotion Review

There’s 1 thing that’s endlessly in my shaving routine and that is aftershave balm.

I acquired a Nivea established, and in there was not the normal aftershave balm, but was an aftershave lotion.

I’ve been attempting it out for the earlier pair of weeks, and this is what I think of the Nivea Guys 2 Section Aftershave Lotion.

If you examine the blog you are going to know how significantly I speak about write-up shave balm remaining aspect of a shaving schedule. I’ve generally employed it, couldn’t visualize not applying something and do not understand how some men can have a shave and not use any.

But this aftershave lotion is distinctive. Relatively than currently being a creamy balm, it is in point a much more watery based lotion.

To use it all you have to have to do is shake it up, place some in the palm of your palms and then utilize to your deal with.

It has a light-weight scent, absolutely nothing overpowering or something like that. Just a light clean soapy design and style scent which is not going to get in the way of any fragrances that I may wear.

Is it any very good?

At first I was not won more than, but this is perhaps for the reason that I did not use adequate. On my next consider I used a little bit extra, and it had pretty great coverage.

Obviously a little something like this is truly simple to use, you just implement it to your facial area and seriously rub it in.

Overall I feel that it labored quite perfectly, and I didn’t get any irritation and my facial area felt reasonably moisturised.

But I did not truly feel like it was as great as the put up shave balm. I just like that improved.

It leaves the skin sensation a good deal smoother and cooler, and for me the balm is far better.

The lotion is nevertheless high-quality to use, but if I have been deciding on concerning the two, I’d always choose for the balm.