September 27, 2023


Learn new things

Messhall Studios will host its to start with pop-up shop at Rockford Artwork Deli on Saturday

Jawan Loupe, left, co-owner of OTHXR, a lifestyle clothing brand, Jerome Cosby, owner of Lanor, a luxury design outlet, and Trey Campbell, owner of Organized Crime, not pictured, make up the three brand members of Messhall Studio. The group will be participating in a pop-up shop at Rockford Art Deli on Saturday.

ROCKFORD — Rockford Art Deli and some of the city’s up-and-coming brands are poised to exhibit the apparel neighborhood the ability of working jointly. 

In an marketplace in which models and businesses are additional probable to contend than collaborate, Rockford Art Deli owner Jarrod Hennis looked for approaches to modify that narrative. He discovered Messhall Studios, a creative collective of a few brands that banded jointly to share means and know-how.

A real just one for all, all for one mentality. 

Rockford Artwork Deli, 402 E. Point out St., will host the Messhall Studios’ pop-up shop from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday. The brands Lanor, OTHXR and Arranged Crime will unveil their collaborative assortment consisting of a graphic T-shirt, puff print sweatpants, a beanie and a tote bag.