December 9, 2023


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Importance of Saving a Tooth with Root Canal

A root canal is a fantastic approach to saving permanent teeth, according to all dentists. If a tooth is chipped, broken, or decaying, the primary issue must be resolved as soon as possible. If not, a new set of issues can arise.

Many alternative procedures can be used to save a tooth, but the root canal is one of the more popular ones. This treatment is performed to salvage teeth that are severely decaying or troubled in other ways. Consult your dentist about getting Single sitting RCT or even basic root canal treatment if you experience dental pain.

Here are some reasons why you should think about getting a root canal and why it’s crucial to keep your tooth.

Why Preserve Natural Teeth?

The patient’s tooth is not lost during a root canal procedure. This is only one of the many benefits of the procedure. An infection in the affected tooth frequently causes someone to feel pain. The dentist would probably advise this operation assuming there isn’t significant damage. The patient could perhaps be given a bridge or dentures as an alternative.

The permanent tooth should always be saved if at all possible, though. In comparison to receiving a dental implant, a patient would profit from this in a number of ways. The person could, for instance, keep chewing normally. This entails that they can continue to eat all of their favourite meals without experiencing the annoyance or slippage that sometimes comes with having dentures.

There are no gaps left behind, which is another factor an endodontist or dentist might suggest in order to save a patient’s permanent tooth. In other words, the gap space is not usually fully filled with a dental implant. Both bone loss and collapse may result from that. Additionally, the teeth close by may move as a result. You won’t have to worry about this when getting a root canal treatment in Kolkata.

Even the preservation of permanent teeth has a cosmetic benefit. Undoubtedly, extractions leave a person’s mouth with significant vacant spaces. A vacant region may be visible depending on how someone grins. The person would find it challenging to chew even if no one could notice the gaps. As long as the permanent teeth are there, a person can smile from ear to ear without feeling self-conscious.

Additional Reasons For Preserving Natural Teeth

It is healthier to choose a root canal in order to save a permanent tooth. In the end, compared to getting the tooth extracted, this lowers the risk of getting an infection. The risk is that any infection could spread through the person’s circulation after an extraction.

Consider the fact that getting a root canal to save a natural tooth is not particularly unpleasant. The dentist or endodontist numbs the gum region before performing this operation. That simply requires a few painless injections that are modest and infrequent. The patient feels nothing during the entire operation. Most people only feel a small amount of discomfort only after the surgery.

It is true that the crown and the filling used in the root canal treatment will ultimately need to be renewed, but did you know that it is quite simple to do so? You get to keep that tooth for additional years each time the dentist decides that changing the filling is still an option. That’s actually preferable to having to consider bridges, implants, and other tooth replacements. 

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Are you certain that going through with a root canal is the best course of action? If so, it’s time to schedule the operation with your dentist and have a conversation about it. Don’t hesitate to give yourself an extra day to deal with any post-procedure soreness or agony. Make whatever arrangements are necessary to guarantee that you can relax once the work is finished. Knowing that the tooth is healthy and functional once again makes the time, money, and effort invested in the healing process more than worthwhile.


How do I choose the right dental clinic?

Conduct an online search and then compare the reviews, ratings, services, and offers of the different clinics to choose the best one according to you.

What if I need a root canal and don't get it?

The only other option apart from a root canal is the extraction of the tooth, so you can try to undergo such a procedure.

What happens if I delay a root canal?

Delaying a root canal procedure can cause even more discomfort as the infection is likely to spread.