May 25, 2024


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Home For The Holidays In Stylish Pajamas And Lounge Wear

Holiday season usually requires a full wardrobe for countless celebrations, get-togethers and even pre party preparations. There’s the annual girls’ night out, which has become the one night each year we go full on with sparkle and paint the town red. Hosting at home has become the highlight of my holiday season in the past years. Its on nights like these when those closest and dearest gather around a lovingly prepared spread to look back on the year that was. Last year, colleagues and I did a pajama themed dinner for six. It was a fitting dress code for one memorable evening that went on till the wee hours of the morning.

A year ago, nobody sitting on that Christmas table had a clue that holidays in 2020 will most likely be spent in pajamas—again. This year has unceremoniously cancelled all plans, major celebrations, included. This is not to say that Christmas will be any less special compared to past years. There are online cocktails with close friends marked in red now on the agenda. An intimate afternoon with members of the immediate family (following guidelines for social distancing and limited number of guests, of course) are currently being finalized for Christmas day up in the mountains. Plans for Christmas Eve and New Year, which are usually large and grand, are admittedly still up in the air. It will most likely be just as low-key and pared-down as all other occasions from the last 300 days. But one thing holds true. It will remain meaningful and elegant in its simplicity.

As you prepare for your most memorable holiday at home, start with this tried-and-tested edit of chic and comfy pajamas.

PAPINELLE is a sustainable sleepwear brand from Australia that creates garments you wish you never had to get out of. The brand uses natural fabrics, including washable silks, that “enhance your down time and bring a little luxury to the bedroom.” Prints from the label transport one to dreamy landscapes and horizons. PAPINELLE’s latest collaboration with designer Karen Walker features iconic botanical prints done on natural washable silk. Called the Love Letter, these prints are set against a soothing palette of pinks and blues. Apart from classic pajamas, these stunning fabrics are also done on strappy nighties, boxers and robes. PAPINELLE sleepwear is made such that you’ll want to wear them for extended periods of time. Christmas mornings that last all day are likely to be extra cozy in pair from the brand’s latest collection.

There are several SLEEPER pajamas in the wardrobe. They are classified as garments I love to bring out on special occasions that call for sleepwear that makes a statement. My feathered black and white PJs are all-time favorites that traveling roomies and pajama dance party mates never fail to compliment. This year, the “world’s first walking sleepwear” re-launched its signature dance party pajamas to feature detachable ostrich feather trimmings, for easier care and wear. There are new colors for these PJs including: beige, red and pink gingham. SLEEPER has also just recently introduced its shearling LULU Ballet Flats for added flair as you hop on to your next holiday pajama party online.  

PHRIYA is a sustainable luxury sleepwear brand that “celebrates the full time dreamers.” Its founders Hans and Patricia are themselves dreamers who explain that, “we combine passion, imagination, art, creativity, innovation and social responsibility to push the boundaries of what dreams can be.” The label works with natural materials such as cotton and linen to reimagine the traditional “pyjama.” Hand-painted prints by artist Anna Glover make each set in special and truly unique. Everything from the brand is done in small batches and with close attention to detail. The Odyssey pyjama, for instance, features rounded collar lapels, lots of room for movement as well as cuffs and deep pockets with piping. There have been some days throughout this quarantine year when my Odyssey long pyjama set kept me company from sun up to a several Zoom meetings at midday and kitchen raids at midnight.

PATTON STUDIO is a new retail concept from the Philippines that encourages the stylish set to buy less with better design and quality. The ready-to-wear label is anchored on the idea that timeless, simple and versatile pieces are foundations of a clever wardrobe edit. Designs at PATTON STUDIO are decidedly straightforward allowing one to build from existing garments already in the closet. Pieces are also created so “you can approach your day with ease and comfort…letting you make the most out of your day, everyday.” Sets like PATTON STUDIO’s Cropped Sweaters and Runner Shorts or joggers go beyond conventional lounge wear, extending its function to cover light workouts, afternoon naps and yes, intimate holiday celebrations at home. I love how you can pair your shorts with cotton bralettes for quick yoga flow then mix it up with a cropped tee or sweater later in the day.  

YOYA is intellectual in its approach to fashion design. Pieces are conceived with contrasts and juxtaposition as its take off point. The brand positions itself as “a challenger of conventional notions and norms…both familiar and startling at the same time.” Its creations are classified as “uniform for the thinking woman.” This year, YOYA partnered with Polygiene Technology company, VIRAL OFF, in the creation of its Armoured Awakening collection. Garments made using VIRAL OFF’s copper infused cottons are translated into easy, versatile pieces to suit style in our times. Most designs from the collection also offer a variety of styling options so that they can transition from lounging to stepping out for errands and even a digital Christmas fete. The Dover Shrug with its micro pleating details, gathered neckline and draw cord details, can be worn in countless ways depending on occasion and mood. I love to wear this over workout gear, allowing me to transition from mat to Zoom meetings. The Pictou skirt, similarly, is a beautiful style staple this season that brings decadence and off-duty ease to your holiday at home fashion repertoire. Light pleated fabrics gathered asymmetric detail make it a piece you can actually look and feel good in.

PRINTFRESH was founded by textile designer and entrepreneur Amy Voloshin to reflect a love for décor, plants, pets, 70s hippie and surf culture. Its Philadelphia- based atelier works closely with socially and environmentally conscious suppliers in India. Garments from PrintFresh are made using 100% cotton poplin as canvas for whimsical prints and bold colors that “step up the WFH and lounge uniform.” Lively prints on pajama sets, robes and separates also make for beautiful statement pieces for a holiday at home ensemble. The Bagheera set, for instance, is a striking piece to wear for opening gifts and a warm cup of chocolate on Christmas morning. You may also want to wear them throughout most of the day, which isn’t such a bad idea.

LESSLESS pays homage to the art of wearing dressing gowns and 90s minimalism. As a child of the 90s, I’ve always enjoyed putting on a dressing gown—either as a style statement or for days when the only plan is relax and to stay in. Robes from this emerging brand work for both men and women. They are designed to complement an understated style sensibility punctuated with artful prints by notable female painters like Alina Zamanova. Since its launch in 2019, the well dressed set has picked up on impeccably crafted and exquisite designs from LESSLESS. Its founders, Alya and Tim Gonta write: “The dressing gown essence of the collection are silk wrap-dresses and robes a-la peignoir which freely float around the body. Their creation was driven by the Hollywood inspiration—and that is the feeling LESSLESS strives to create with their clothes.” Their reversible silk robes are style investments that make dressing up, even for small holiday celebrations at home, feel like the special occasions that truly are. Take your queue from style icon, Maye Musk who’s been spotted in LESSLESS’s linen robes.

LEZE THE LABEL is a lifestyle brand that aims to empower women through garments that help them move through days with ease. Women behind the team share that “through the comfort and styling ease of each garment, we seek to inspire women of all professions to navigate career paths freely.” Beyond the confines of a WFH set up, pieces from the brand are also great style choices for cozy Christmas mornings with family and loved ones. The Kendall Pant and Athena Sweater, for instance, is a season-less staple that feels like butter on skin. Made using recycled fishing nets, garments also feature sweat-wicking and anti-wrinkle technology. With color options in bone, black and gray, these loungewear finds are keepers for individuals with preference for a clean, contemporary and streamlined holiday look.

LONDRE is an inspired ethical swimwear brand that makes women feel good. Through pieces that flatter the female form while the lowest possible impact, the company is able to connect through sincere, powerful messaging. They also resonate with women through designs that celebrate body positivity and self love. Pieces arrive to their new owners with lovingly written notes cards and tags empower through words like: “Remember that you are beautiful” and “Body Type: “So ******* Beautiful.” Its latest collection of loungewear is yet another nod to women uplifting other women. Made using sustainably harvested wood pulp and organic cotton, pieces from the range are made with comfort, movement and confidence as the main goal. In a season and year when many us find ourselves reassessing that things that truly matter, investing in essential pieces that convey hope, kindness, acceptance and positivity could just as well be the best gift you can give yourself.