July 24, 2024


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Hints From Heloise: Procuring with security

Helen T. in Texas: Be informed. Pickpockets normally work in teams of two or a few. A single person may perhaps talk to you a dilemma or bump into you or your browsing cart to distract you, and then a second individual will achieve in and grab your wallet or purse. Unquestionably maintain your bag secured in your procuring cart and zippered shut.

Really don’t aim on your cellphone or searching list when in the retail store. Be knowledgeable of your surroundings at all times.

When you hit the shops, don’t carry a truckload of credit rating cards. Carry just the a single or two you strategy to use, together with your lender debit card, ID and negligible hard cash. The less you have with you, the considerably less that can get shed and/or stolen.

Lastly, really do not dawdle in the parking whole lot. When you arrive at the store, go ideal in (professionals endorse NOT placing your purse in the trunk in the parking good deal, in which this exercise is noticeable to folks), and when you appear out of the retail store, get in your car, fasten your seat belt and depart. Never sit and make calls on your mobile phone or answer e-mails etc.

Dear Heloise: When I am on my social media sites, I am always tremendous-well mannered and mindful of people’s feelings when submitting on their webpage or replying to their write-up. I can disagree with someone devoid of title-contacting and bullying.

It’s from time to time entertaining to interact in a discussion on the internet, but I just specific my opinion kindly, and a smiley deal with emoji or heart can enable sleek over any possible bruised feelings.

— Kathryn K. in Pennsylvania

Pricey Heloise: Healthcare facility visitations are different at present, but I know a single hint that “stands,” so to speak. When visiting an individual in the medical center, I never sit on their bed. It can be terrible manners, and it throws off the form of the mattress and can result in the patient distress. There’s ordinarily a chair in the place. I sit on that.

Dear Heloise: In my family’s regular struggle to conquer muddle, I have a home rule, which, granted, is tricky to uphold this time of year. My 4 youngsters, ages 9 through 16, ought to donate or toss away one product just about every day. This gets rid of toys and apparel they are no extended working with and frees up space in the property and their rooms. They love permitting go of points, in particular if the items can go to an individual in require.

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