September 30, 2023


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“From Generation to Generation…” — A Sanctified Art

"From Generation to Generation..." — A Sanctified Art

Inquiries & Discussion from the Webinar (summarized):

Q: One concern I had was liturgy for a longest evening provider. Do you all have 1?

A: Terrific concern! We do not have a new longest night time liturgy for this year. We have longest evening providers from the past that you can adapt for this 12 months (see individuals below and in this article and right here).

Q: Any prospect there will be a Xmas Pageant? I’d enjoy a pageant with the “From Era to Technology…” topic.

A: Oh, that is a great concept! We failed to produce a pageant for this bundle, but I imagine it would be a excellent topic for our Facebook group to collaborate about and go over. We can take into consideration this for upcoming Introduction seasons.

Q: The artwork for all of your sequence are simply just amazing and amazing. In this collection, they hit distinct. It is really a further stage of wonderful and considerate. We are so psyched to share them with our group. Is there an update on when the social media bundle will fall? Wanting for the collection graphic for marketing/printing functions. If you have a day in intellect that would be helpful.

A: Thank you so substantially for your type text! The social media written content calendar will be up on the patron accessibility webpage this 7 days. This is a free of charge health supplement obtainable to all bundle patrons.

Q: Our congregation has cherished the richness and depth of the inventive audio movies you developed for the past two Advents. Is one more just one forthcoming/in the functions for 2022?

A: Thank you so much—I’m so happy the music videos have been significant! However the timing of our 3 crew members’ maternity leaves (this earlier summertime) interrupted our capability to fee a theme tune and make an accompanying movie. We are setting up to return to offering this resource for Lent 2023.

Q: My concern is about any decorating ideas for the worship area… we experienced these pleasurable decorating for “Full to the Brim.” I know there’ll be the typical Introduction/Xmas trappings in the church, but I’m curious if you have any ideas for how to make “From Generation to Generation” attribute in a special way amid the regular seasonal decor.

A: (This problem was talked about in the webinar towards the finish. We talked about concepts for together with the banner styles, incorporating a round/world-wide-web motif inspired by the concept emblem, and which include blue/purple silk. We also proposed strategies for exhibiting or incorporating parts that are normally passed down from generation to generation—recipes, family pics, Nativity/creches, etc.)

Q: We have an Arrival Workshop. In arranging, the notion arrived up to make a big weaving to hang in the sanctuary, with everyone who arrives weaving a row.

A: Which is a lovely idea! The imagery of weaving arrived up in our early conversations about this theme so it feels like a best fit.

Q: God shows up! Day to day, each individual instant of our lives! For me, the dilemma is: How do we “display up” for GOD?

A: Amen!