May 24, 2024


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Eric Deters ought to pay high-quality for unauthorized practice of legislation

Eric Deters

An Ohio Supreme Court disciplinary board has found that former lawyer Eric Deters engaged in the unauthorized follow of legislation and has advised a $13,000 high-quality.

The board on the unauthorized practice of legislation mentioned Deters gave lawful tips two decades ago to a former consumer of the organization Deters operates in an administrative function.

Deters’ Kentucky legislation license has been suspended since 2013 and he retired from practicing in Ohio, but he suggests he proceeds to run the office of his previous business, Deters Law, which he says is owned by one more attorney. The firm’s web-site lists Deters as office environment supervisor, spokesman, sufferer advocate, law clerk and paralegal.

In an interview, Deters called the board’s recommendation “a finish joke” and explained he will be interesting it.