July 21, 2024


Learn new things

“CARE” Art & Photo Book

We’re excited to announce a new open call for our next art and photo book! For this publication, we want to prioritize the work and experiences of women and ask that only women-identifying artists and photographers take part. We welcome single image submissions as well as selections from a multi-image series for consideration. Like our previous publications, we are aiming to feature work from around 60 individuals. Our hope is that this collection offers some support and creative catharsis after the events of this past year and the numerous reminders of the unjust treatment women continue to face around the world.

The theme for this book is CARE. This may be interpreted very simply as showing us who or what you care about. For example, you may submit a portrait of someone you love or an image related to a cause that is close to your heart. The word CARE may bring to mind imagery related to Self-Care + Mental Health + Health Care. It could also touch on more abstract ideas of how we take care or have failed to take proper care. If it’s work that matters to you, we want to see it!

We will be reaching out to a select group of artists who’ve created work that fits this theme. If you’re a member of our community and would like to be considered for inclusion in this publication, you can submit your work using the link below! If any of your images are selected for the book you will receive a free copy when it’s released.