Black persons have been supposed to get superpowers, so why can’t I teleport?

Melissa M. Munoz

Ok, the gig is up. It can be officially been a whole working day because Black persons were being intended to get our superpowers, and I continue to are not able to teleport.

In accordance to a viral tongue-in-cheek tweet, people today of African descent were supposed to obtain specific powers on Dec. 21, the night the planets Jupiter and Saturn lined-up in a exceptional astronomical occasion.

“As black people, genetically we are stronger and smarter than all people else, we are a lot more resourceful, on December 21 our Serious DNA will be unlocked and majority will be ready to do matters that we assumed had been fiction. Find out who u are as a individuals *emoji* they wanna make us normal,” lottidot tweeted on Dec. 5.

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And if it can be one particular factor you can anticipate from the Black neighborhood when we listen to these unanticipated news, it can be jokes. Gosh I like my individuals.

Unfortunately, it will not appear that any person obtained their powers. Very well, not bodily in any case.

“I genuinely considered we was long gone get some super powers blood I’m really upset smh,” FgChiChi wrote on Dec. 22.

“No superpowers yet. Guess my parents are not both of those black then. A person got some describing to do,” KozyxGod added.

But my favorite tweet of all arrived from poeticjustiZZ, reminding us that the moment all the excitement from this dies down, we are nevertheless winners.

“The ideal component about becoming black on December 21st is that I’m both going to be laughing hysterically with black Twitter at all the jokes, or I’m heading to have tremendous powers. It is a win-get in my e-book,” he wrote.

When you set it that way, you are proper. Not getting able to teleport or zap my haters does suck, but it feels great to be part of the society that commenced it all.

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