April 21, 2024


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Bird Buddy Update | bleuwater

Bird Buddy Update | bleuwater

A Gilded Flicker who frequented my Chook Buddy feeder.

I obtained a notification to update my Chicken Buddy AI feeder. Which is when the issues commenced. The update stopped midway by means of the system. I read through the recommendations on the application. It claimed to press the on button until finally you obtained a flashing eco-friendly light. I pressed and acquired a purple flashing gentle.

Then the application reported my chicken feeder was offline. I spent the improved aspect of a working day fiddling with it. In buy to do the update, the beneficial notes mentioned to completely charge the digicam device.

I brought the Hen Buddy inside, unscrewed the digital camera and plugged it in for several hours.

I won’t go by way of all the factors I tried out continuously. But I finally decided I should really do a factory reset. I was pretty upset, for the reason that the Hen Buddy has given me plenty of joy the previous couple months. I’d be discouraged to have it split presently.

I wrote about Hen Buddy Right here and posted chook images on Thanksgiving.

The Bird Buddy has to pair with Bluetooth on your mobile phone. It also has to be connected to WiFI. I couldn’t get both to work. It worked right until I experimented with the update.

Thankfully, the app has a troubleshooting tab and I went through the methods. It turns out I experienced inadvertently finished a manufacturing unit reset by pressing the button way too prolonged — finding the crimson flashing light.

I had to unpair the Fowl Buddy from my Bluetooth and take away my feeder from the Application. Then I begun above as if it was a new feeder and Voila! It operates yet again.

I acquired a Chook Buddy for my before long to be 91-year-old dad. I will established it up for him and with any luck , he won’t have challenges with updates!

With digital products, are you handy at figuring them out or do you enable somebody else in your family deal with challenges? What frustrates you about electronics?

A Curve-Billed Thrasher.