March 5, 2024


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7 Situations Dionne Warwick Tweeted at Musicians, From Taylor Swift to Megan Thee Stallion

See below for all the periods Twitter Queen Dionne Warwick shouted out musicians.

1. Taylor Swift

“Alright, what about Taylor Swift? I want to inform her I hope that she’s acquiring a very good working day and trying to keep her head higher,” Warwick wrote in early December, searching for Swift’s Twitter take care of. She quickly figured it out, and extra, “Hello @taylorswift13. I hope you’re in very good spirits and acquiring a fantastic working day. Keep your head substantial!”

A handful of days later, Swift herself observed the tweet, and sweetly responded, “I just observed that you tweeted me!! I’m a big lover and I regard you so significantly, thank you for wishing me properly. I hope you have a excellent vacation time, thank you for spreading joy.”

To wrap up the wholesome dialogue, Warwick wrote back again, “Delighted vacations, toddler. Continue uplifting others with your fantastic spirit.”

2. Opportunity the Rapper

Possibility the Rapper was starstruck to say the least when Warwick pondered, “If you are incredibly certainly a rapper why did you set it in your stage identify? I cannot cease wondering about this.”

“I am now Dionne the Singer,” she followed up.

“Sorry I’m even now freaking out that u know who I am,” Chance, unable to conceal his joy, wrote back. “This is wonderful!”

“I will be regardless of what you wanna get in touch with me Ms Warwick. God bless you,” he included, politely.

“Of training course I know you. You are THE rapper. Let’s rap with each other. I’ll information you,” prompt Warwick. This is to hoping a collab is before long in the is effective!

3. The Weeknd

Immediately after her trade with Chance, Warwick wasn’t completed poking enjoyable at artists with “The” in their names. “The Weeknd is following,” she joked. “Why? It’s not even spelled appropriately?”

“If you have ‘The’ in your title i’m coming for you,” Warwick warned. “I want solutions these days.”

4. Snoop Dogg

Warwick seriously, genuinely wants to get in touch with Snoop Dogg. “How do ship a tweet to @SnoopDogg? Did I do this effectively?” she questioned her followers on Dec. 3.

Immediately after a 12-hour subsequent Twitter spree, the singer wrapped up for the night, noting that she “will be again to see if @SnoopDogg has received my tweet. Till then, be form to one particular a different.”

Regrettably, he in no way got back to her. Reply her, Snoop!

5. Megan Thee Stallion

Dionne Warwick is a complete Hot Lady, even if she will not want to know what that implies. Immediately after Megan Thee Stallion acquired four Grammy nominations, Warwick took to Twitter to congratulate her. “Superior factors to good persons,” she wrote.

Fans were stunned at Warwick’s desire in Meg’s tunes, and one tweeted, “skip warwick, you are a hot female??? what you know about megan?”

“I know that she is a good young girl with a very good heart!” she replied.

“I do not know what a ‘hot girl’ is, but ladies assistance women of all ages in this household! I am delighted to see form people today obtain recognition,” Warwick concluded. “That is all. (I’m turning 80. Make sure you do not explain to me what a ‘hot girl’ is ).”

6. U2

Rumors commenced to swirl that Warwick was a psychic, however she immediately shut them down with subtle shade at U2‘s 2014 album Tracks of Innocence, which was added to everyone’s iTunes library involuntarily.

“Do not you consider I would have warned you all about iTunes earning you have that U2 album if I had been really psychic?” she wrote.

7. Bruno Mars

Warwick would like no slander from Bruno Mars. “Did you know that the artist can see the names of the playlists you’re introducing their tunes to on Spotify?” Warwick wrote again in November.

In response, a person named @RachelRecently shared her playlist titled “Tunes that make me irrationally indignant,” noting that the artists on the listing including Mars, Owl City, MAGIC! and Andy Grammer “require to know” that their tracks manufactured the lower.

“Be sure to depart Bruno Mars out of this…” Warwick clapped back.