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21 Green Monday Business Apps on Sale That You Might Have Missed During Cyber Monday

Entrepreneurs need a lot of technological help. Especially when you’re just getting started and money is tight. Fortunately, there are many apps and programs designed to help you run your business as efficiently as possible.

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You can get a number of helpful apps on sale for Green Monday at Cyber Monday pricing. Just use code GREEN20 at checkout to save an extra 20 percent for 24 hours only. 


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Design apps

Good design can be the difference between a successful product and an unsuccessful one. Just ask Zune. For entrepreneurs, it’s crucial to have quality designs on marketing materials, products, and more. But you don’t have to shell out thousands to graphic designers to fulfill all of your design needs. Design Wizard Pro has earned 4.5 stars from Capterra and AppSumo because it provides access to more than 1.2 million curated images, 120 fonts, and 30,000 design templates that require practically no expertise to use.

1. Make your marketing design assets to Design Wizard Pro for $31.20 (Reg. $599) with promo code: GREEN20.

2. Create eye-popping animations with Poser Pro: 3D Art + Animation Software for Windows & Mac for $64 (Reg. $349) with promo code: GREEN20.

3. Generate example designs on the fly with Mockuuups Studio Premium for $32 (Reg. $420) with promo code: GREEN20.

4. Use over 25 million professional stock images with JumpStory Authentic Stock Photography for $80 (Reg. $2,340) with promo code: GREEN20. 

5. Quickly use create business presentations with Slides Pro Plus Plan for $39.20 (Reg. $540) with promo code: GREEN20. 

6. Visualize architectural mockups with Ashampoo® 3D CAD 7 for $24 (Reg. $79) with promo code: GREEN20. 

Productivity apps

In the pandemic economy, productivity is everything to small businesses. You need to operate efficiently and cost-effectively to keep your customers happy and your brand thriving. People work in different ways, but with a visual tool like Edraw Project Software, your business may manage projects better than ever. Edraw Project is a user-friendly project management tool that lets you quickly create customized Gantt charts. But then it goes beyond, helping you schedule all of your activities, oversee each aspect of your project, and actively track your progress.

7. Manage all of your projects with Edraw Project Software for $72 (Reg. $179) with promo code GREEN20.

8. Solve complex problems with MindMaster Mind Mapping Software for $39.20 (Reg. $129) with promo code: GREEN20. 

9. Optimize your home internet connection with NetSpot Home Wi-Fi Analyzer for $32 (Reg. $68) with promo code: GREEN20. 

10. Increase your email marketing deliverability with QuickEmailVerification for $39.20 (Reg. $99) with promo code: GREEN20.

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11. Rid grammar, spelling, and style mistakes from emails with WhiteSmoke Grammar Checker for $32 (Reg. $600) with promo code: GREEN20. 

Cloud backup apps

An extension of security is simply ensuring you don’t lose your valuable data. Frequently backing up your files is imperative to ensure you won’t lose crucial information. Nobody wants to have to rewrite all of those contracts, do they?

With Degoo, you’ll get lifetime access to 10TB of premium cloud backup. This high-speed, easy-to-use solution gives you enough space to store all of your important files in a securely encrypted server. Plus, it’ll perform backups to all of your devices so nothing falls through the cracks.

12. Save all of your important files with Degoo Premium for $80 (Reg. $3,600) with promo code: GREEN20. 

13. Recover files at any time with Genie Timeline Pro 10 Backup Software for $24 (Reg. $59) with promo code: GREEN20. 

14. Restore your Windows computer, hard drives, and more with MiniTool® ShadowMaker Pro Ultimate for $24 (Reg. $79) with promo code: GREEN20. 

Privacy / Security

Privacy is on every customer’s mind with the number of scams and hackers on the internet these days. For businesses, it’s imperative that they protect both their own proprietary data and their customer data. One key way to do that is by using a virtual private network every time you access the internet. NordVPN is one of the top options on the market, earning a rare “Outstanding” rating from PC Mag. NordVPN double encrypts your traffic through double data SSL-based 2048-bit encryption and keeps your (and your customers’) information completely anonymous.

15. Keep your internet data private with a two-year subscription of NordVPN for $111.20 (Reg. $286) with promo code: GREEN20. 

16. Make private phone calls and protected messages through a temporary number with Hushed Private Phone with $16 (Reg. $150) with promo code: GREEN20. 

17. Securely create and store login information with Sticky Password Premium for $24 (Reg. $199) with promo code: GREEN20. 

Finance apps

It’s safe to say money is pretty important to businesses. But it’s also important for entrepreneurs in charge of those businesses. A CEO’s and a business’s financial health are often closely related. With Toshl Finance, you’ll have some extra assistance in keeping your finances under control without having to shell out thousands on an accountant. This intuitive app acts as a personal financial assistant that notes incomes and expenses, helps you make detailed budgets, and more. Just link your bank and get to work.

18. Track your budgets and finances in the ease of one app with Toshl Finance Medici Plan for $32 (Reg. $199) with promo code: GREEN20.  

19. Organize all of your accounting needs with QuickBooks® Essentials Plan for $289.99, but use promo code “COUNT21” to save an extra $21 off. 

20. Automate the invoicing process with Invoice Crowd for $39.20 (Reg. $1,440) with promo code: GREEN20. 

21. Efficiently manage cashflow with iFinancer Income & Expense Tracker for $15.20 (Reg. $30) with promo code: GREEN20. 

Prices subject to change.


21 Green Monday Business Apps on Sale That You Might Have Missed During Cyber Monday

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