October 4, 2023


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“The Impediment to action advances action.” – George Couros

“The Impediment to action advances action.” – George Couros

I just completed Ryan Holiday’s “The Impediment is the Way The Timeless Artwork of Turning Trials into Triumph” and appreciated considerably of the point of view.

A number of passages trapped out from the reserve and created me imagine of the previous handful of years in education and my own daily life. Holiday’s target on the strategy that matters can be genuinely challenging, but we can see that as an possibility to reshape our perspective, as perfectly as redefine our steps transferring ahead, is a little something in which I truly feel.



“Always be ready for disruption, usually operating that disruption into our programs. Fitted, as they say, for defeat or victory. And let us be straightforward, a pleasurable shock is a whole lot better than an uncomfortable one.


What if…

Then I will…

What if…

As a substitute, I’ll just.

What if…

No issue, we can normally.


And in the scenario the place nothing could be performed, the Stoics would use it as an essential apply to do one thing the relaxation of us way too usually fail to do: handle anticipations. 

Since sometimes the only response to “What if?” is, It will suck but we’ll be ok.”


Ryan Holiday break



A lot of the e book is embodied in the next quote from Marcus Aurelius.



This estimate stuck out due to the fact I began to believe about instances in my existence when issues that I perceived to be damaging finally formed my considering and steps into beneficial techniques.

For case in point, I generally say that leaving a position was at times the very best point that took place to me. At the time, it didn’t really feel that way, but from that expertise, I considered about what I was passionate about and what superb leadership could appear like to encourage action in others.

A different illustration could be obtaining setbacks in interactions. We can seem at some of those ordeals as squandered time, but we can also see them as a studying lesson of what we were no more time eager to acknowledge in a relationship and what we anticipate from ourselves transferring forward.

I not too long ago shared with a team that in 2020, some pupils that went to distant discovering for the very first time felt thriving in faculty simply because they ended up encouraged to use units they weren’t allowed accessibility to weeks earlier. I have often explained that if you have a little one that thrives with paper and pencil and we choose that away from them, I would be just as bothered if we took away a machine. We have to have to enable pupils to come across achievement in a way that works for them.

The faculty practical experience about the past few years has shaped a whole lot of what we do relocating forward, great or poor. I have questioned the dilemma, “Are we desperately seeking to get back again to 2019 or developing a little something new and improved with what we have discovered around the earlier few of yrs?” I guess section of the solution to this problem is, was faculty actually doing work in 2019 in a way which we have been contented?  

In some cases the most demanding activities can shape us in a way that can be optimistic moving ahead. In some approaches, without having these negative experiences, we can turn out to be stagnant and acknowledge points as they are, irrespective of whether they perform or not. In numerous strategies, I genuinely think that the past couple of a long time have manufactured me a superior dad because I understood how brief lifestyle is and that who I expend my time with is as essential as how I devote it. But I had to open myself up to that realization. I also started off to consider improved care of myself to superior treatment for others. I am not positive this would have occurred with no the past few of years.

I adore how Vacation frames this imagining: 



“There is no good or terrible with no us, there is only perception. There is the occasion itself and the tale we convey to ourselves about what it signifies.

Which is a considered that alterations almost everything, doesn’t it?”

Ryan Vacation



In my personal interpretation of these words, I imagine that really detrimental and unimaginable matters can happen, and I will hardly ever want them to be “learning ordeals.” I get that. 

But I can also search at some of the activities I have experienced in the earlier that I perceived as “bad” and how they formed me for the improved. That will much better get ready me for how I offer with issues in the long run.

Learning can include things like “downs,” but the hope is they constantly guide to “ups” in the lengthy operate.