July 17, 2024


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‘The dwelling of bread with sugar windows’ | Sara Galico

As a child, I never ever recognized the Brothers Grimm’s intentions for telling tales with these stark rawness. These days, from an adult viewpoint, I get that they expose the evil mother nature of humanity. They have a common this means and educate us that some situations that are disguised as kindness, can speedily convert into abuse. Due to its universal character, I dare to make the pursuing interpretation and comparison with the ruthless story of Hansel and Gretel.

In the tale, Hansel and Gretel had been inadequate and hungry kids. Immediately after the death of their mom, their father remarried an evil stepmother who managed to persuaded him to abandon the kids. In the night, the grown ups geared up the young ones to go for a wander in the forest. The little ones had been smart, so they still left crumbs of bread together the way to reduce being misplaced. They designed a fire and fell asleep by the firelight up coming to the warmth of their dad and the evil stepmother. The next early morning they woke up to discover out that they have been remaining to fend for on their own.


They desperately sought their return dwelling, which they did not discover since the pigeons ate the crumbs they still left on the street. They ended up still left hungry, chilly, and concerned. Frightened of animals, of the night time, of destiny, of abandonment. They wandered about for hrs when all of a sudden they located the residence designed of bread with sugar windows. Hansel and Gretel ended up innocent, trusting, and unaware of the threats of getting into the dwelling of a stranger who appeared to have very good intentions.

The rest is history… The scrumptious foods, the slavery, the cage, the rooster leg, and the oven …

The American Jewish community has generally been a basis stone of the United States. Those people immigrants, who arrived from Europe and the Middle East as refugees, escaping poverty and / or spiritual persecutions, settled and established affluent and socially built-in communities and contributed to the American cultural and spiritual mosaic. They attained a actual emancipation, and even though it has not been a route paved of milk and honey, they lived in peace for generations. They grew, they multiplied and strengthened, and they very contributed to creating a country endowed with concepts of tzedakah and tikun olam.

Jewish communities in The united states were hardly ever exempt from anti-Semitism. Nevertheless, every thing indicated that they lived in an exception to the historic rule of persecution, violence or terrorism endured by other Jewish populations in the earth.

But one particular working day, in Charlottesville, Virginia, the earth heard a group of white nationalists cry out in tune: “Jews will not swap us!”. And months later on we witnessed the anti-Semitic assaults in Pittsburgh … and a year later, in Poway, California … and then in New Jersey.

And with these ruthless acts of hatred and terrorism, American Jews discovered by themselves susceptible. It appears like the exception has finished and with the discomfort of these detest crimes they woke up to a historic truth that arrived at them. Like Hansel and Gretel, they woke up in the forest, with threats coming from the animals that connect with themselves “white supremacy”.

Right now Jews in the United States facial area uncertainty to the night … and generally to the abandonment. Simply because the procedure that sheltered and guarded them for yrs is now disappearing. Anti-Semitism grows exponentially on social networks, in the mass media, on university campuses, in schools, and on the streets.

So they desperately search for refuge in the liberal values of the Democratic Party, where by they customarily observed a property and a voice of unity. But they know that the crumbs of these values ​​are disappearing, and step by step, the silence and indifference to their suffering is multiplying. They then solution the radical remaining, and come across the bread dwelling with sugar home windows that invites them to belong. The old witch asks them to enter, but in return, they have to go away their enjoy and solidarity to Israel at the doorway, erase their acceptance of  Zionism, and declare their affiliation to the Palestinian persons (such as the radical factions that swear for the destruction of the Jewish State). The aged witch presents them scorching chocolate and tells them tales: “Israel is the genocidal villain who will have to be delegitimized with boycotts, divestment and worldwide sanctions ”…. “Jews have privileges, and they lover with the white supremacy, to perpetuate systemic racism and oppression of minorities. ”…

These who know globe record, realize that the bread household with sugar windows that forces you to depart your religious, ethnic and national identification in get to enter, is a unsafe put that will imprison you in a cage to “fatten” your perception of belonging and afterwards, it will devour you.

Due to the fact of the tales of the Brothers Grimm, we learn that quite a few occasions it is wiser to stay in the forest even with the cold, the evening and the threats of evil animals. And possibly, if you stay there, you will find other allies who can genuinely assistance you. Or maybe, if you continue to be in the forest you can obtain remnants of these breadcrumbs that will carry you residence. Or it’s possible you can even grow much better, and shake off the feeling of abandonment to construct a solid wood household that safeguards you from evil. Study to hunt and navigate the threats of this new globe. This previous substitute requires courage, determination, power and identification. In recent decades, the American Jews woke up to a truth that is inserting them at this crossroads. And the determination they´ll make – individually and collectively – will be decisive for the foreseeable future of this excellent Diaspora community.

I close my eyes and consider them standing outside that bread home with sugar home windows, determining no matter if to knock on the door …

Sara Galico was born and lifted in Mexico Town, where she gained her BA in Intercontinental Relations from the Universidad Iberoamericana. For fifteen many years she has been preventing prejudice, discrimination, and anti-Semitism. She has labored with colleges and communities in Southern California and Mexico, serving to them in making safe and sound and inclusive environments. She is a passionate educator and author. She is a member of the Environment Jewish Congress JD Corps.