May 22, 2024


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Oliver Valsecchi | Light and Bodies to Portray Human Essence

About Oliver Valsecchi

Oliver Valsecchi, born in Paris in 1979, now lives and will work in Toulouse, where by he analyzed at ETPA Pictures College in 2007.

As a teenager, Oliver’s most important curiosity was new music, by means of which he discovered images following taking pictures to illustrate his record sleeves, whilst ahead of enrolling in pictures college, he explored the medium by using self-portraits. 

Through his tutorial a long time, Oliver could experiment with mild and the human entire body, which afterwards became the outburst of his perform. In 2010, his series Dust obtained him recognized and won him the Hasselblad Masters Award in 2012. Inspired by the chaos concept, this collection depicts evanescences from Renaissance’s chiaroscuro. His twisted bodies are draped in a cloud of dust, offering them a surreal,nebula-like aspect, a symbol of start and loss of life. 


Photographic Occupation and Series

Following the Dust series, Oliver will later on arrive to a outstanding reflection of the human human body by way of quite a few other bodies of function. Composition, geometry, psychology, philosophy, and empathy are all echoed in his characters. Oliver makes an attempt to portray human sentiments as a result of their bodies, wherever light plays an influential purpose much too. He adjusts the suitable tunes and angle through shadows and contrasts as if composing tunes. 

Light and physique are Oliver’s tools to depict humans’ fragile, fascinating and profound nature. 

From planning to composing, from choosing the subject to the photograph shoot, Oliver depends on intuition and instinct. As his photos evoke demise, start, and maternity, all unavoidable human disorders, he makes it possible for his inspiration to transfer with the similar purely natural flow.

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