May 25, 2024


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Millions of homeowners admit stealing design tips from friends and neighbours | The Independent

A survey of 2,000 UK adults found one fifth scoured friends and neighbours’ homes for inspiration at social gatherings and dinner parties.

Nearly half had made a new purchase, or considered making one after being inspired by furnishings in a home belonging to someone who lives nearby.

Almost a fifth of those who admitted to taking a neighbour’s interior design ideas and buying an entirely new kitchen after being impressed by someone else’s.

Respondents were most likely to imitate a friend’s design choices when decorating a home, ahead of those of a neighbour and relative.

One in five said they would seize any opportunity to sneak a peek at a neighbours’ interior styling choices, by dropping around a parcel or popping over for a bite to eat and a third have even been surprised when stepping over the threshold of a neighbour’s home for the first time, where interiors have been cleaner, dirtier or more modern than expected.

“Homeowners are proud of their homes and are determined to make sure it suits their lifestyle,” said a spokesperson for Carpetright, which commissioned the poll. “This study proves that inspiration can be found anywhere. Pinterest, Instagram and magazines are great for discovering new ideas, but inspiration can also be found a little nearer to home in the form of friends, family and our neighbours.”

Two fifths confessed to being envious of a neighbour’s household, with the kitchen being the room homeowners are most likely to wish was their own.

This was closely followed by people wishing they had their friend’s garden, with three in 10 admitting they have made landscaping changes to their own adding decking or a patio as a result.

The living room is also likely to leave British people in awe, followed by soft furnishings and flooring choices.

A wood burning fire, hardwood floors and big American-style fridge-freezers are also among the plush home furnishings respondents said they would most like to get installed in their own property.

Blinds or curtains also leave adults with a desire to upgrade their home interior, as well as the size of someone else’s TV, tasteful house plants, bi-folding doors and plush carpets.

It also emerged one tenth of those polled have made three changes or more around the home in the past year to replicate the homes of their friends and neighbours.