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Event Coverage: Toronto Hot Rod Kulture: Father’s Day 2022

Event Coverage: Toronto Hot Rod Kulture: Father’s Day 2022

Is there any better day to get out to a car event than Father’s Day? As a Father myself I have always used Father’s Day as a ‘get to a show’ free card.

Obviously, around here it’s assumed that I’ll be going to some sort of a car show anyway, but it’s still nice to have that ace up my sleeve one Sunday a year.

For 2022 my Father’s Day event of choice was the Toronto Hot Rod Kulture Season Opener. Some of you might remember I started attending these shows last year.

Host by the Road Reapers Car club these are charity events that take place typically one Sunday of each month, weather permitting.

The events are held at 75 Billy Bishop Way in North York which makes it a reasonable drive for most people in the Greater Toronto Area. However, some people do end up coming from pretty damn far.

As the name implies THRK is generally aimed toward Hot Rods. That’s fine by me because –as if you have not noticed– with each passing year I see to dive deeper and deeper into the local hot rod community.

Don’t worry Import guys, I’ll still make my way out to a few events. But, at least for Father’s day 2022 it was hot rods all the way.

The THRK events, much like Cars and Coffee, take place pretty early. Finishing up by 11 or so in the morning they leave plenty of daylight left for adult responsibilities.

Sure, you might have to wake up a little early, but the early bird gets the worm as they say.

Or perhaps in this case the early bird gets to see the Shelby Cobra? This was a seriously nice example of an authentic car.

One day I have to weasel my way into a ride in one of these cars. Real or Factory Five, I’m not too picky.

There were quite a few trucks in attendance, which is something I will never, ever, complain about. I’m not sure how many of you have been paying attention but the track market (I suppose like every other market) has gone absolutely mad.

Glad I picked up Project Why Wait when I did because I absolutely would not be able to afford it now.

Now I  just have to finish the damn thing so I can park up next to this killer Chevy.

Yes, I saw this truck last year, actually, I’ve probably taken photos of it at least 4 years in a row. Also, yes I am going to keep doing it as well. I’m sure you’re all fine with it.

Another car you can expect to see a lot of photos of is CJ’s turbo LS-powered Impala. I saw this car for the first time at Motorama.

My Motorama coverage was posted predominantly on Speedhunters and in that coverage, I mentioned he built the entire car in a single-car garage.

A single-car garage that lacks dedicated power.

That includes doing all the paintwork himself. Where there’s a will there’s a way as they say.

That’s probably my favourite part about Toronto Hot Rod Kulture events. Most of the vehicles have stories to tell.

If they don’t their owners do and most are more than willing to spend a few minutes chatting about what they’ve driven out to the event.

Or if they don’t have a real story they’re just plain cool.

Speaking of just plain cool, this COE was one of the coolest vehicles at the event.

It might be one of the coolest vehicles I’ll see all year. So much so that I’ll have a post up in a few days dedicated exclusively to it.

As I wrap this one up I need to give one more thanks to the guys at Toronto Hot Rod Kulture and the Road Reapers for doing what you do for the community.

If you want to catch the next Toronto Hot Rod Kulture event be sure to follow them on Instagram.