May 24, 2024


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3D-printed prefab homes aim to disrupt construction market

Mighty Buildings prefabricated house

The Mighty House is a prefabricated, 3D-printed housing unit that startup Mighty Buildings says can be built in less than a week. Future, multi-story Mighty House concepts will be built from continuous fiber-reinforced composites. Photo Credit, all images: Mighty Buildings

Mighty Mods and Houses

Mighty Buildings prefabricated house

Currently, Mighty Buildings constructs its housing solutions, like the pictured Mighty Studio accessory dwelling unit (ADU), and sells directly to consumers in California. Ultimately, the company plans to sell its production as a service platform around the U.S. and globally.

Innovation and automation


UV-curable resin

Mighty Buildings composite 3D printing for prefabricated houses

Pictured here, Mighty Buildings’ PACE 3D printing system can fully 3D print all structures for a modular ADU in one print. 

3D printing and assembly

Production of each prefabricated building requires, in broad strokes, four steps: 3D printing, quality control, post processing and assembly. Automation plays a large part each step of the way. In addition, currently, Mighty Buildings is working with MSC Software (a division of Hexagon, Newport Beach, Calif., U.S.) to develop its own digital simulation and modeling platform. “We’re working toward 100% digital fabrication,” Ruben says, “and plan to use this platform to simulate every step of production before the build to reduce production costs and speed the process, eliminate quality control issues and enable late-stage changes.”

Long-term goals and expansion


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